Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I had a dream the other night
That we were on a mission
To save the world from losing sight
Of a pre-historic vision.

And although the view was scary,
Full of mystery and danger,
It made the world, collectively,
More wonderful and stranger!

We had a master plan and
Studied every calculation
With which to globally replace
Hum-drum with fascination.

We put the pieces into place
Every stratagem compounded.
The Plan began to then unfold -
The world would be astounded!

Press-releases were dispatched;
The governing left and right
Warned the global populace
To watch their world at night!

We then installed two giant lens'
To the walls of a balloon
That lifted us into the air
And magnified the moon!

The people of the world looked up
Their psyches now admonished.
The night was larger in their minds-
The world could now astonish!

What happens next, I'm not so sure
That's where the story finished.
Perhaps we'd dance beneath the stars
The mundane would be diminished.

I don't bring mention of this dream
For no reason whatsoever.
It did convince the dreamer
That our two brains are pretty clever.

I might suggest one summer night
We travel by balloon,
And as we pass the world below
We'll magnify the moon.

-July 27, 2009

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